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Shifting Perspectives™ is the difference

At Bitbean we decry the accepted. Scoff at the formulaic. Reproach the processes.

We are in a determined, relentless search for the enduring solution that sees around corners, peers deep into the future, and continues to operate effectively long beyond any rational expectation. Whether you’re aiming to scale bigger, drive higher conversions, streamline operations, or expand to new markets, we’ll work with you figure out a solution that was otherwise hidden.

Process management portals

Portals for better interaction with your business processes.

Enterprise software

Enterprise Systems to manage your complex business needs.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for external engagement into your business

Business & Software Consulting

Directed by data, informed by experience

Web Design & Development

Websites for your customers to interact with your business.

E-commerce websites

Keep your customers happy and your order list full.

Development methodologies

After analyzing your business, its process, and the opportunities it presents for software integration, we determine what type of product features to build upon and which development methodology would best suit your project.

Plan + Execution

A roadmap to success

Teamwork Advancing Civilization™

No matter how much talent or experience we have on our team, the beginning of every project marks an opportunity to explore completely unchartered territory - your business, your people & your goals.

We love building meaningful and useful software products

We're equipped to tackle back-end, mobile, database and desktop software projects of all shapes and sizes. Custom code, architected for performance.

Technology Capabilities

Our team employs a mix of open-source and licensed enterprise tools, constantly evolving our skills with the needs of the market.

Technology Partners & Awards

Amazon Partner

Google Partner

Bigcommerce Certified

Inc 500 Company

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